Chauncee Hollingsworth

Chauncee Hollingsworth was born in St. Louis, Missouri and was raised by his mother Chillnail Hollingsworth. It was his mother that inspired his consistent work ethic by watching her persevere through multiple life altering situations. He and his beautiful wife, Tara Hollingsworth, currently live in Minneapolis, MN. Since the age of five, Chauncee has grown a perpetual passion for the game of basketball. That passion would inspire him at a young age to finish his homework on the school bus so that when he got home, he could drop his backpack at the door and play basketball until 10pm or whenever the raccoons came out.

Chauncee graduated from Soldan International High School in St. Louis. He played for Justin Tatum, the father of Boston Celtics forward, Jayson Tatum. He then went on to study and play three years at North Central University in Minneapolis, MN. He graduated with a minor in biblical studies and major in youth development.

Chauncee’s passion for training and teaching started when he was a junior in high school from his trainer, Corey Frazier. Chauncee began by training local middle and high school players in the St. Louis area. After his freshman year of college, Chauncee committed his life to The Lord. Weeks later, God gave him a vision of Hoops and Christ. He was reluctant at first, but felt compelled to pursue the vision. Since then, Chauncee has been able to work with numerous NBA, college and elite high school athletes. He believes his biggest accomplishment is the impact he has been able to make in the hearts of young people around the world. Chauncee’s mission in life is to expose as many people as he can to the love of Jesus Christ through the game of basketball.


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